Sunday, April 01, 2007

Anti Fool's Day

I despise April 1st.

Buncha asshats.

Stupid internet.

Stupid television and radio.

Wasting my time.

How do people get faked out on anything today? Doesn't anyone own a calendar?

I think any blogger that chose today to run their little "I'm quitting blogging today" prank should get their sites permanently de-linked by their readers and from any sites and rss compilers. That'll show them.



  1. An anti-April Fools Day rant on April Fools Day...

    A self-referential April Fools Day prank?

  2. "... I hate you all and you should all die... PSYCHE!"

    I guess that's why it's not called "HAPPY" April Fool's Day.

    But, I DO have to agree to one thing:

    ANYONE who takes ANYTHING seriously on 04/01 is just dumb (or living in a part of the world OTHER than where it's citizenry partake of this make-believe holiday).


  3. I saw a bunch of 'I'm giving up comic books forever' posts yesterday also. Who are they fooling? I'm sure it gave their friends a chuckle, but come on.

    4/1/07: ZOMG!! Frank says he is pissed at the current state of comic books and he's finally stopped collecting them as of today! He's shutting down his MySpace page forever!

    4/2/07: Hey, Frank's back! Good to see you back! You had us worried there! Thanks for the invite!


  4. I now feel like a complete asshat for pulling the above described April Fool's Day sham.

    I beg forgiveness.

    Unfortunately, the last time I tried something creative, it took weeks before I could reset reality for my small readership who had bought into whatever lie it was that I spun.

  5. I don't know how anyone can fall for this stuff on April 1st. That's why I did my "I quit" post weeks ago...


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