Monday, July 07, 2008

Bride or Old Maid? Take the test!

From Boy Meets Girl #2 (April 1950). Sharpen your pencils, Girls! Tomorrow is the Husband Test!


  1. Are you missing a page? It has 8 questions but the answer key mentions 9-12.

  2. Question #13: "Do you own any apparel that is not blood red?"

    Question #14: "When a man says 'twenty inches' but he clearly indicates about half that size, are you prepared to maintain a straight face and assure him that things are indeed as large as he says they are."

    Question #15: "If you had to, do you sincerely believe you could kick Dennis the Menace's ass at table tennis?"

    Question #16: "What's that in the rear-view mirror? Oh, nothing. I thought I heard a noise. Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched?"

  3. Michael, It is missing a page! So much for the "improved" Blogger! It's line breaks and missing images has been a problem.

  4. Why do I have to do choose?

    Can't I be both?

    Wait I'm a man, so I can't be either.

    But I could still have a mid-life crisis - oh wait I have to get a life first...

  5. Ha! I want to meet all of the 'old maids'!

    Great comic, Sleestak. Thank you for posting these.


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