Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Futura - Chapter 3

The Futura story in Planet Comics #45 (November 1946) begins with the lead character in a pose and setting that is reminiscent of previous work seen on the covers of several Fiction House titles. Hiding up in a tree is a poor idea tactically since there is no where to flee if discovered. It is likely the reason so the setting was drawn that way is to get all the principles in one panel with the added benefit of being able to show a nice shot of the heroines' derriere.

In this chapter Futura is on the run both the Brain-Men and the locals who took up the occupation of being rebels after "failing" to pass the tests of the Masters of Pan-Cosmos and suffering abandonment on a world of monsters. Moments away from freedom, Futura saves the life of the leader of the renegades, leading to being captured once again. 

In this issue the artistic format of the story telling is becoming less creative and begins to resemble the standard layout for a more economic style of comic book. If I have a critique of the Futura series it is the seeming "hiccup" in story telling at this point. After only a few issues the kidnapped secretary from Earth is abruptly promoted from lab-animal to the warrior-queen leader of  the rebellion. A bit sudden for an unknown quantity who's only previously demonstrable skills were the operation of a typewriter.

Later, after what I call the "Magic Sword of Destiny" arc concludes the story of Futura reboots after a fashion and takes on a more logical progression of her journey through hostile space. It was as if the creators had a long story planned but were under the impression they had to wrap it up quickly, then got the news they would be hanging around for a while like the other Planet Comics serials.


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