Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Even Elaine

A woman with a Geiger-counter.




Emasculating image from The Horror of Party Beach #1 (1964).


  1. Did you know Wally Wood did touch up work (mostly eyes and fangs) on this fumetti?

  2. >.> Not to be too much of a killjoy here, but... anyone who's actually seen Horror of Party Beach can tell you: Elaine there?

    Yeah, not all that bright. This woman is not part of the Smart category. Almost gets eaten by a protozoa-monster because she can't figure out how to lift her foot out of a small hole in the ground that doesn't even come up to her ankle. She's more suited to a Darwin category, this one.

    Plus, her voice overdub is really, really hideous. >.>


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