Monday, September 15, 2008

Conan vs. Terminator

I was looking through my collection of Savage Sword of Conan magazines and one cover by Earl Norem (see it here) in particular gave me an idea. The ethereal specter of death hovering over the plain in the background of the battle scene could easily be the skull of a T-100. The bodies of the slain heaped up beneath Conan's heels could be not only Hyperborean warriors but the chassis of wrecked Terminator soldiers as well.

A Conan vs. Terminator film would be rad. I'd pay to see the film twice or more. I'd eat the marketing tie-in Happy Meals. I'd buy all the novelization and comic book adaptations plus the ensuing series and one-shots. I'd fall for every Special Edition and Director's Cut re-issue of the DVD. I'd purchase two each of all the toys (one to play with, one to keep in original packaging). No matter how stupid or useless any product some soulless clown in a licensing office thought up in connection with the Conan vs. Terminator franchise I would buy it, and be glad to do it.

Original art elements by Earl Norem and Paul Gulacy.


  1. It would be terrible.

    I would so watch it.

  2. Throw in some Predators and Aliens and you've got a sale to Dark Horse!

  3. I often find it enriching to think of the greatest possible premise for a movie and then, step by step, follow it through imaginary pre-production, shooting, and post. While along the way, choosing the most disappointing and banal option every time a decision is possible. In the end what I get is usually all too plausible.

    This spring: A rap legend returns to his comedic roots as a secret agent with something to prove. Featuring Tommy Lee Jones as "Number Two" and the voice of Eddie Murphy as "Rover", Wil Smith is...The Prizzoner!

    Ew, I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  4. That's so awesome!!

    I doubt I'd pick up a Conan or Terminator comic. But paired up? I'd be there!

    Great job on the mash-up!


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