Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sacrilege Lands - Military Working Arachnid


  1. I know this is one of those sites that doesn't explain everything it posts, but WTF?

  2. Read the labels. Over the next week I'm going to post a few crappy photoshops and other elements of something I'm creating to show provenance. Most of what people post that is unexplained is about that also, I think.

    Ever read a Warren Ellis post? Man.

  3. Any time a joke seems incomprehensible, check the tags at the bottom of the article for clues. From these it's obvious that Sleestak is, uh...comparing copyright law to a canoe in the desert and...uuuuuh...National Novel Writing Month is like a spider on a leash, waiting to bust loose and get all up in our...expectations about literary....

    No wait, I think this is a LOLcat. Or possibly an animated GIF?

  4. Hey, Mr Sleestak, I'm drawing iDoodles this week at my blog I'd love to have you stop by and give me an idea to draw.


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