Thursday, September 11, 2008

Protest Art

An example of one of the few things hippies are good for, though a tad coffee house beat-poet and derivative for my tastes.

Chicago Seed (March 1968).

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  1. I'd supposed that the doggerel was a reference to Phan Phuc, but the date's too early. Still, the principle's the same: I recoil at the use of the word "sacrifice" whenever referring to non-consensual deprivation. It belittles both genuine sacrifice and the injustice of (in this case) wholesale manslaughter.

    I'd say there are more shocking and accurate words to express what the poet seems to be straining after. And why drag Blake into this, anyway? Just because "The Tyger" makes reference to "burning bright"? Hm, maybe the poet wasn't really feeling all that outraged and just saw an opportunity for some easy, topical wordplay.


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