Wednesday, August 22, 2007

10 Things Hippies Are Good For

Being the lone, small voice reminding us when things are going wrong



Farming innovations

The terrible legacy for our country of drug addiction and sexually transmitted diseases.


Getting hassled by the Man

The main ingredient in Soylent Green


1970s Marvel


  1. Unless I'm mistaken, that black and white pic is of Kent State.

    If that's the case, "hassled" is a little too darkly ironic for my tastes.

    I'm just saying. Otherwise, funny as usual.

  2. But grinding them up into biscuit flour is okay?

  3. Hippies being accidentally murdered by fellow college students who probably didn't know what they were doing on an otherwise pleasant afternoon is not OK. It's depressing and sort of bland, like non-fat ice cream.

    At least with soylent green, you have a nutritious, if also somewhat bland, by-product that serves to feed hundreds of people.

  4. Bland? But hippies are full of herbs and spices!

  5. I love hippie girls. They smell of sweat and pot smoke and patchuli and tear gas. They smell like... free love.

  6. hippies are probably full of few more herbs than they are spices. Strangely enough, I never thought of the President of the NRA as being either a hippie or a "small voice reminding us when things are going wrong". Still, the image fits.

    I like the post, good message.

  7. LOL, is that the day the Bugaloos met castmate Billy Barty for the first time?


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