Friday, August 03, 2007

First Class, Forever!

Want. Want much.

These would be perfect for the new postal annex in the Hayley Mills Celebratory Complex.

Time to start that letter and email campaign to the Postmaster General.



  1. doesn't someone generally have to be dead in order to appear on a postage stamp in the US. Has your obsession with Hayley taken a more dark and sinister tone?

  2. Where is the picture in the upper right from?

  3. My wildest dreams.

    Actually, I don't know. It came up in a Hayley search. A fashion shoot I imagine.

    There are also a few floating around where she resembles Hillary Duff. I don't care for those. But it shows how Hollywood shapes the appearance of the stars and starlets, as some attributes don't change with time.


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