Friday, August 24, 2007

Sleestak's Picks of the Week

I really expected Mouse Guard Winter: 1152 to be my favorite comic out this week (I really enjoyed it) but like everyone else on the planet I picked as the Best Comic This Week: Batman #668 for the amazing art and fun story.

Holy freaking crap! This story could have been Sonic Disruptors #8 but with art like that who would care? Awesome all around. Fortunately the story holds up and the layouts and script complement each other.

Worst Comic This Week: That goes to X-Men #202. Is this a joke or something?

You tell 'em, Projectile Vomiting Cap! Each offering from Humberto Ramos is worse than the previous one. The story could be as fantastic as the first Dark Phoenix saga but sadly I can't even read this. His style has devolved from exaggeration to ridiculous parody.

Honorable Mention: Thunderbolts #116. Is this foreshadowing?

If it were Steve Ditko himself and not just his social skills that were dead he would be spinning in his grave at what has happened to Speedball.

But I'm on the fence as to whether I hate or love what is going on with the character. Robbie is well on his way to becoming a major Super-Villain. He is getting more dangerous and violent and his powers are ramping up to scary levels. His back story is evolving logically in such a way as to give him believable motivation for his gradual change into a bad guy. His guilt is turning into anger and I imagine that pretty soon he won't allow himself to be incarcerated and will be robbing banks to fund his army of goons bent on the violent overthrow of the Government.


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  1. Me, I'm more curious about this Mindwave chap at the end of the Thunderbolts. Perhaps Vance is taking a break from being misled by his fellow Initiative trainers and is checking up on his ex-teammate?


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