Friday, August 17, 2007


From Anonymous:

Sleestak said "Hello, anonymous troll with stunted social skills."

I see, so if someone says something you don't like or is contrary to your opinion, then freedom of speech doesn't apply and allows you to engage in personal attacks.
Claiming that I am curtailing anyone's right to free speech because I am a snarky jerk in response to an asinine comment is ridiculous.

It is ironic that I am being taken to task for attacking free speech while at the same time my own right to the same benefits and protections is questioned. But then, most trolls only understand the definition of irony as it is erroneously defined by that Alanis Morrissette song.

This is not a free speech forum nor do I pretend it to be anything other than what it is, a goofy time waster. While I don't normally censor comments because I do in the real world practice and promote a free exchange of ideas I will on a whim delete spam, filth, hate-speech or anything else I darn well feel like.

Tell you what, Anonymous Free Speech Advocate, if you feel that strongly about it I challenge you to post your primary email address somewhere publicly on the net and disable your spam filters and virus protection in whatever email service and online journal you manage. Like it or not, deposed Nigerian princes seeking your help in the release of their billion dollar bank accounts, bondage websites and V@i*g&ra vendors deserve to have the very same rights to free speech that you demand. It would not be fair, perhaps would even be unconstitutional, for you to block their attempts to contact you with thousands of offers for Hot Local Chicks Ready to Party with YOU RIGHT NOW just because you disagree with the content of their posts or emails.

Let me know how that experiment in "free speech" works for you.



  1. I'm a little unclear on what happened here. What exactly did Anonymous say in the comments on the previous thread that made you so angry? From an outsider's perspective, it looked to me like some fairly mild discussion about the MJ statue suddenly took a sharp turn into a flamewar for no particular reason. Calling someone an "anonymous troll with stunted social skills" is a pretty inflammatory thing to say, and I am not seeing why you did it. (I'm not saying you were wrong to do it, just that I don't understand why it happened.)

  2. I should have read through the whole thread again before posting. I jumped to the conclusion that you were responding to the anonymous comment that came directly before your response, but I see now that there are several different comments from "Anonymous," possibly all from different people, and I think that you probably got mad at one of the trollish comments from mid-thread. If that's what happened, that makes your actions a lot more understandable, so sorry for my misunderstanding.

  3. I wish there was a "whoops, never mind" button you could press when you suddenly realize an important point just AFTER hitting "post."

  4. This is more a free speech issue I was addressing, but the same comments showed up (probably cut and paste) and probably by the same person all over the place just to cause trouble. And I was sick of seeing his comments.


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