Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hobo in La Jolla

Some say he was a wealthy man who snapped when his family was murdered in a home invasion. Others say he was a pharmacist who self-medicated to ruin. Still others say they don't care and that he smells funny.

Out of all of the homeless I have observed staggering around the wealthy beach-front community of La Jolla this one is on the surface the least belligerent and pushy. He rants to himself for hours on end, but I've never seen him beg for money or food, act drunk or dangerous like many of his peers.

Whoever he is, he wears that maternity dress with a certain careless style.



  1. and a nike sports bag to boot!

  2. he probably needs medication for some sort of illness but can't afford it. I personally like the dress. He looks preggers so he's dressing the part.


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