Saturday, August 11, 2007

I knew it would come to this

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Click screen shot for shocking video!


  1. Ack! At first I thought that it was that scoundrel Chaka - but the evidence is irrefutable! There is no doubt who the killer is!

    I will gladly send you a few of Dr. Goldfoot's fembot assassins for your protection. Who knows how the killer plans to strike next... your life is in danger!

  2. Evidence, Maurice? I see nothing but doctored video! You are implying that the Monkerstein campaign would resort to something this foul in order to win the election? I don't have time to be offended when the life of a colleague is in danger!

    Sleestak is welcome to the resources of my army of Daleks and Cybermen to protect himself. He needs formidable protection, not an impromptu beach party!

  3. Like I'm going to trust a Cyberman not to stick a knife in my back...

  4. oh, that von Monkerstein. I understand that he now barcodes his victims for easier tracking in his Who I've Killed spreadsheet.

  5. Sleestak, a Cyberman would never stick a knife in your back. They've got electrical devices built into their palms that destroy your central nervous system. They'd never need a knife!

    Um, not that they kill anyone...

  6. Your slanderous lies, which will be known as slanderies, will be unmasked. I killed no one. You can prove nothing! I have an alibi, a bunch of them in fact!


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