Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Waking up annoyed

Ever have one of those dreams where in it you have a day that parallels your waking existence, but the dream you has a life that is about 30% better than the real one?



  1. Apparently, Sunday night my mother had a dream in which we had a phone conversation identical to an actual phone conversation that we really had on Sunday afternoon, but in which we spent an additional five minutes discussing how I had lost my cell phone, and where it could possibly be.

    She called me yesterday to ask if I had found my cell phone, and there was much confusion that ensued, until I pointed out the inescapable fact that it was clear that during the REAL Sunday conversation I was sitting in the kids' section of Barnes & Noble and hence, inescapibly, on my cell phone.

    Faced with this cognitive dissonance, my mother was forced to re-examine her day and realize that, in fact, she dreamed a conversation that exactly mimicked the real one, except for the cell phone issue.


  2. In my dreams, my artwork is 50% better than what I can do in real life. It's very disappointing upon awakening.


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