Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Final Panels from Canceled Comic Books: #4 - Sonic Disruptors

While there are quite a number of comic books who were canceled after a long decline in quality or sales there are almost an equal number that should never have been printed in the first place.

Sonic Disruptors is one of those books. The series was one of those titles that comes out every now and then attempting to tap into the supposed simmering undercurrent of resentment and dissatisfaction that may or may not exist out there in consumer-land. Some books successfully manage to portray and latch into the zeitgeist for a time, as Transmetropolitan did for the same company several years later. Others like Sonic Disruptors or the novelty band ACDC can only manage to use guitars as metaphorical machine guns to fight oppression. Pffft.

The final Lichtenstein-ish panel from Sonic Disruptors #7 (July 1988).

This title is nearly universally disliked as one of the worst comic book series of all times. I wouldn't go so far as to classify it as that awful, but I did think it was banal, dull, aimless, and IQ destroying. For a book the theme that hard core rock and roll could successfully fight the oppressive fascist government of the future, it wasn't very f'in metal. Sales of the title were poor out of the gate and decreased steadily until DC unceremoniously pulled the plug, with #7 being the last of the planned 12 issue series.

FYI: Rock & Roll doesn't change the world. It didn't change anything, ever. It is corporate and shallow. If you ever though it did or still does, check the fine print in the liner notes.

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  1. I never read this, but it reminds me of the planned trilogy of novels based on Hawkwind's adventures in the future.

    The first volume, Time of the Hawkords was kind of okay in a kitsch way, but the second was horrible. I've never been able to work up the interest to find out if the planned third volume was ever published.

  2. I did read this. It was actually kind of enjoyable, packed with deliberate stupidity, which I liked at the time -- I was a huge Mike Baron fan, and it was vaguely reminiscent of his work on The Badger.

    I think it got axed because one of the subversive heroes was bankrolling his operations by selling marijuana. Boo! Hiss!


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