Wednesday, August 15, 2007

You might want to get that looked at

Here I thought the glowing vagina was gone from Marvel once Wanda (Scarlet Witch) Maximoff was out of the picture. But I kid. Hey, I get it. The power of being female and the sisterhood and all that. Creators of life, blah blah blah.

But does anyone else see what I do? I think that the couple of Quasar and Moondragon are in a text book example of an abusive relationship.

Whenever Quasar experiences emotion she can't control she goes berserk and attacks her soul-mate, Moondragon. After a beating, Quasar apologizes and promises it won't happen again. Of course it does anyways. I suspect that later on Moondragon will look back on the relationship (assuming she survives the break up) as manipulative and poisonous.

The vagina makes another appearance in comics this week in the pages of Sub-Mariner #3 and no it does not belong to Sue Storm (Bad fanboy! Down! Sit!). The Marvel Universe suddenly remembers that Subby is a mutant, so he visits the Xavier Institute, giving Wolverine a perfect excuse to make an appearance and tie Namor into the X-Books. Maybe sales could get a boost by re-branding the book as Namor, the X-MARINER!

Anyways, once Wolvie is knocked into next week by a casual backhand by one of the strongest guys on the planet and all within one panel (not really, the fight took up a big chunk of the book), Namor then goes up against a few of the Sentinel fighting bots.

Subby makes short work of the super-strong, weaponized walking tanks and all in a panel or two. Huh, no wonder it takes him only a few seconds to reduce them to scrap. They are girl-robots! Normally, the vagina doesn't scare me. Heck, I'm all for them. But the sight of the Heavy Metal Blast Door Vagina © is the fuel of my nightmares.

Images from Quasar #2 (October 2007) and Sub-Mariner #3 (October 2007), respectively.



  1. OMG that's such a great body mod. Where can I get a Heavy Metal Blast Door Vagina?

  2. Heavy Metal Blast Door Vagina? That's the literal English translation of a Japanese porn magazine, isn't it?


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