Thursday, August 09, 2007

Torn from today's headlines!

The local newspaper, the San Diego Union Tribune published an article yesterday about the need for more research staffers. Lab technicians are in short supply and the training and placement of 'hundreds, if not thousands' of staffers would be funded in part from an ever important 3 billion dollar stem cell research grant. This is the photo the SDUT chose to run with the article.

Do laboratory research technicians normally perform delicate, possibly bio-hazardous lab work requiring strict protocols while wearing a fashionable low cut top that accentuates their cleavage? Are they usually that hot looking?

Instead of showing technician Lucy Kim in the professional lab wear that is expected she shows bare arms, a hint of breasts and gorgeous full-bodied hair. I'm not outraged at what might be an exploitive image that detracts from the earned skills of the technician accompanying an article about an important subject, I just think the media is just so gosh darn predictable. An editor undoubtedly had a choice between many photos that would represent the story best. Among the photos would probably be a microscope image of stem cells dividing in a petri dish, a child that could benefit from the research, the professional lab worker in a paper gown and hat wearing safety goggles or an attractive woman wearing rubber gloves.

Naturally, they go with the hot babe.



  1. Hey if Tara Reid and Denise Richards can be scientists, anyone can, right?

  2. I remain unconvinced that Denise Richards is real. I believe she is just an inflatable love doll with a motor inside her for motion.

    It would explain her acting...

  3. Just so you don't feel like it's just San Diego, this kind of phenomenon is alive and well in Chicago.


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