Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Little wonder he's going to be single again

It isn't bad enough that Mary Jane has to deal with the ghost of Gwen Stacey hanging around...

But Peter also has to keep throwing his past relationship with Felicia (Black Cat) Hardy in her face?
"Hey, Honey! Do me a favor and dress up as my hotter ex- girlfriend, will ya?"

From Spider-Man and Red Sonja #1 (October 2007).



  1. So instead of wise-cracking about the bad guy, he's having phone sex with his wife as he fights?

    Man that's the ultimate dissing of your opponent!

  2. Seriously who writes these? And how can I get a copy of their conversations with their wives for comedy purposes?

  3. Has Spidey never heard of Bluetooth?

  4. Yeah, he's all buddied up with Tony Stark and Reed Richards. You'd think he could pull some strings and get some tech more advanced than, say, a junior high school kid would have.


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