Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Just what the Doctor ordered!

Martie was dateless and sad.

She was also full of self-loathing.

Of course you can't land a man, Martie! You wear glasses and keep your hair tied up in a severe librarian-style bun! Not to mention that you are inked by Colletta! Everyone knows those are formulas for unattractiveness.

Eventually, Martie became so sad that she cried a lot for no reason and bumbed out her room-mate enough to ditch her, sending her off home and far away from her awesome, boy-crazed party-riffic life.

After a careful exam by the family Doctor, Martie was diagnosed with depression and prescribed "rest" and "good times" to make her feel better. I think we are all familiar enough with comic book subtext to understand exactly what cure the Doctor was really prescribing.

That's right, romance comic books of the late 1960s taught young readers that all a woman needs to make her feel worthwhile is a man and some good lovin'!

That, and a new hair-do.

From Romantic Story #91 (December 1967).


  1. >>>Not to mention that you are inked by Colletta!<<<

    Ooooooh, that's mean! :-)

  2. How 'bout a rewarding career in the lucrative pole-oriented ecdysiastic arts?

    Just once I'd like to see that played-out "why, without your glasses, you're beautiful" cliche handled the way it really works out: suddenly the top contenders for the heroine's affections are a bunch of shallow dogs who'll four-F her and be on their way.

    And instead of learning a valuable-but-out-of-character life lesson and hooking up with the geek who liked her all along, she decides that her new popularity is exactly what her image-obsessed heart really did want all along.

    Waitaminute, I just described Sarah Jessica Parker's career arc.

  3. Ooooooh, that's mean! :-)

    Not to mention STUPID....


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