Sunday, September 14, 2008

Always leave a good looking corpse

I understand the aspect of advertising that depicts animals overjoyed and eager to end up on your dinner plate. It does not help sales to show cute forest creatures fleeing in terror of being eaten or begging to be spared the axe and agonizing death. I, on the other hand, prefer knowing the truth when it comes to the origins of my food, but that's just me. I don't care to have my brisket sugar-coated, thank you.

But I don't care about how attractive an animal or vegetable is before it gets cooked as long as it appears appetizing when it is time to stab it with a fork and saw it up with my knife. It is a fact that endangered, ugly animals are the tastiest (as all those visitors to Mauritius island can attest). However, good personal grooming habits are always important and I have to give points to the doomed lion who took the secret of being neat and clean with him to the grave.

From Superman #86 (January 1954).

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