Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Americans are the new Sabines

We are getting so used to the political corruptions, government incompetence on all levels, vicious hindrance to those trying to accomplish something positive, failure in war, cultural misdirection, having personal freedoms whittled away, spied on and having the data used to do it compromised that by the time anyone can muster enough of an effort to combat the whole messy situation I fear that people will be so used to it they will grudgingly, if not meekly or enthusiastically, shrug and just accept it all.


  1. So the real question is, how do we get Americans to stop accepting it and start doing something about it?

  2. I'm a student in psychology and I've herd that the state of Denial is the most impenetrable: if we are to do something, I propose to expose the reality of their predicament in such a way that denial will be no longer possible (hitting Obama on the head at each time he says he likes Regan for example.) and to push their leaders to be into a position where they no longer have solid ground under them. As with all Tom and Jerry Cartoons it is only when they realise that they don't have ground under them that they fall.


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