Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Kookie Super-Ape

Scipio muses that the comic blogiverse is skewed towards the works from DC over those of Marvel. I think it just may well be that way, if only because of the long history and gold mine of goofiness that is the DC Silver Age.

But with books like Adventure #295 (April 1962) that have a cover this awesome (without disconnect to the story, even!) it is no wonder at all.

So what was Marvel doing in April-May 1962 that could stomp the concept of Bizarro-Titano?

Oh, just this.

No contest.


  1. Silver age Marvel vs. DC is pretty lopsided. Marvel was doing stories that, while overblown and full of Stan's deathless prose, were to be taken somewhat seriously. DC's stuff was pretty much beyond the point where you could take it at all seriously, and it didn't seem to be too much of a problem. That's just how the DC universe worked. (At least, as far as I've seen, maybe there are some other DC books that would contradict that.)

  2. Didn't DC have some pretty down to earth war comics out around then?

  3. Sure, if by "down to earth" you mean dinosaurs attacking submariens and tanks haunted by dead Southern Generals.

  4. Amnesiac Red-K affected Superboy, covered in metal.

  5. It's true that I myself like the Marvel silver age more than the DC SA, but I'm sure we all agree- DC or Marvel, the sixties were a solid time for mainstream comics. Even the DC stuff- it's insane, but it's so creative and loopy. God love the pink Brainiac with his space monkey sidekick.

  6. Wait, he's a Bizarro gorilla? I think the Bizarro of a gorilla is either a centipede or a gas station. DC really needs to offer some sort of Java applet that does Earth/Bizarro conversions on the fly. I hate doing the math myself.

    Also, as the Bizarro of Titano, he should crap lead, not project kryptonite. No, wait, he should stick lead up his...no wait, he should be a PENCIL!


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