Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Grocery Store Artifact: Maryland has crabs

Yesterday, while shopping at a local grocery store here in Maryland I discovered a novelty cookie on sale in the bakery. That this treat has a crab on it is not so unusual in this region. The Blue Crab is the official crustacean of Maryland because they live in the nearby Chesapeake Bay. If you enjoy eating bounty scraped from the bottom of a toxic sewer, then this is the place to be. Images of crabs (wholly red and not blue, oddly enough) are everywhere on tourist nick-nacks and other souvenirs.

This oven novelty is apparently making some tenuous connection between seafood and people who consume cookies. But, really...know what this is?

This is a Gingerbread Man with sexually transmitted lice infesting it's crotch.

This is what passes for humor or pride (I can't determine which) in Maryland. This state is an awful, awful place.


  1. "This state is an awful, awful place."

    That made me laugh.

  2. Looks as though someone is trying to recreate "Alien" through the medium of yummy pastries. Oh, John Hurt, just let me bite your head off.


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