Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cool Golden Age Page of the Day: ELEPHANT-MOUNTED MACHINE GUN!!!!!!!

From the splash page of The Fighting Yank #12 (June 1945) comes this awesome image of the Fighting Yank gleefully destroying America's stereotyped enemy soldiers by using an ELEPHANT-MOUNTED MACHINE GUN!!!!!!!
An ELEPHANT-MOUNTED MACHINE GUN!!!!!!! is almost as mind-plotzing as Cowboy Sahib! This image appears nowhere in the main story and makes me think it was originally intended to be a cover, but the scene may have been too violent for the news stands and the far more palatable art of the Yank kicking back in the Imperial Palace throne room was used instead. I thank the Comic Book Gods it was included for publication in the issue and therefore the awesomeness was preserved for eternity.



  1. So what you're saying here is that the Fighting Yank is really pachaderming some heat!

    (looks up at what I just typed)

    Shoot me now.

  2. Whatever the reason was for not using this as a cover, I don't think it was because it was perceived as too violent.

    This is, after all, from the same era where a published cover of Exciting Comics depicts Black Terror shooting horribly caricatured Japanese troops as they are being crushed under the steamroller he is riding on, which is driven by his kid sidekick.


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