Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jim Shooter in Love

From Girls' Love Stories #168 (April 1972).

That guy must be 8 feet tall! Cripes! I can't find one element in this panel where human anatomy or perspective resembles proper proportion in art. From banister to doorknob to the guy's tiny, tiny hands everything is wrong.

Bonus! Cover art features a rare cameo by the hip early 70s band Jesus and the Nazarenes totally rocking out!

Coming soon: Torn from the pages of romance comic books, inappropriate advice to the love-lorn!



  1. Look how he's hunched over. Dude definitely has acromegaly.

  2. Leave Marie Severin alone, you beast!

  3. Not only that, look at the woman's left hand--is it attached to her hip or something?

  4. Severin never drew anything that bad.

  5. No wonder Ginny's cheating on him; he's a lazy eye away from being Quasimodo...


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