Friday, June 08, 2007

Girl's Love Stories #152: Flying under the gaydar

These final panels from the six-part comic book soap opera "Confessions" are supposed to convey the reconciliation between two sisters who were feuding over men. But due to the text and the poses of the characters what is supposed to be a hug with a sibling really comes off as something pretty different altogether.
In reading the story one could easily ignore that the scheming, blond starlet and kind-hearted, black haired nurse were related. I came away from the stories with the impression that the pair could really be considered "sisters" only in the sense that they were both women and that by stating they were family DC Comics could keep the Comics Code Authority away.

At every turn Jewel sabotaged any budding romance between April and any possible suitor. Jewel later confessed that she interfered in her sister's relationships out of jealousy of April's potential happiness. In my mind that really signified that Jewel was worried that she would lose her chance forever to be with April if her "sister" went ahead and conformed to traditional standards of gender identity and sexuality. The final unnecessary and gratuitous expository panel immediately after the kissing scene only reinforces my impression that this story was ultimately about two women finding each other back before it was acceptable to have openly gay characters in pop-media.
From the appropriately named Girl's Love Stories #152 (July 1970).


  1. I just spent the last half hour looking at all of the Girl's Love Stories covers. There is some great art! I am sure the artist's were aware of the comedic nature of them. Very tongue in cheek.

  2. Sleestak,

    So, glad to stumble into your blog! Very entertaining :) The comic strip piqued my interest.

    I am also a fan of the pre-90's, and an Enik fan from 'Land of the Lost'. Hahaha! I loved those show's including Elktra Woman & Dina Girl, Lost in Space and the Booga-loo's! Thanks.


  3. What a story! I especially loved the picture of the characters in the comic.


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