Monday, August 27, 2007

Noblesse Oblige

Got to hell, Richie. Go straight to hell.

From Harvey Hits #3 (November 1957).



  1. Hey, Richie's a nice kid.

    Too bad John Larroquette jobbed to him in that lame movie, but a paycheck's a paycheck, I suppose.

  2. "C'mon baby, eat the rich
    "Put the bite on that son of a bitch"
    -- Motörhead, musicians, narcotics adventurers and economic philosophers

    -- SCAM

  3. Richie's a feudalistic creep. I know your poverty-stricken friend, who lives in a shack, is proud and would refuse outright charity, but cripes, have one of your business contacts get his dad a job unrelated to the Rich empire. Arrange for oil to be found under his shack. Rig the lottery. Something. Anything rather than this shabby pretense of equality.

  4. Those who aren't long-time fans of Richie might gape at the size of that fish he's reeling in, relative to his own 86-pound frame. That's not an oversight, however. Those ridiculous cuffs on his shirt? Made of superdense white dwarf matter. I don't recall precisely how he acquired them, but it definitely involved Little Dot and his lightbulb-headed nemesis Dr. N-R-Gee.


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