Monday, August 20, 2007

Sleestak links

About four or so years ago there were about six sites you could find anything about The Land of the Lost and Sleestaks on the web. An exaggeration, but not much of one. Over the last few years more and more sources are showing up as The Land of the Lost gains more of a cult following and awareness. Rumors of the long-awaited big screen treatment may have fueled this renaissance in all things LotL, but man, I hope Will Ferrell doesn't come within a mile of the project.

So in order to perpetuate a greater net profile of LotL and Sleestaks, I compiled some links.

If you don't know what a Sleestak is, and there are people who have remained nightmare free by not knowing, you can get plenty of info here and here.

If the screen shot off my DVD is too poor for use, I gack a lot of my Sleestak images from the internet. I'll browse through an image search until I find one I like and use it in my posts. I don't apologize for it, it's all part of the humorous Photoshop internet culture I participate in. This is the Sleestak image I utilize the most when goofing around:

I don't know where it is from as I found it long, long ago but I'm glad someone made it and I appreciate it being out there. I hope the original artist approves or does not mind how I have used it. I'm not seeking to make a Goldman profit © from the image like these guys. For all I know they are the ones who created it.

Sleestak Masters. (League of Melbotis beat me to it).

Sleestaks in the Library. Does anyone under 40 get this?

"That lizard had better of been dead when you found it."

Looks like a Sleestak to me.


Slee Trap!
Oh, fer...



  1. Nice linkage!

    I particularly like the library video.

    I have such fond memories of the show, whether it be the ineffectual projectiles shot by the Sleestaks, or (my favorite) that pylon doohickey with the colored rocks.

  2. My favorite line from that show, directly remembered from my childhood:

    Will: "Gah! It's so cold it BURNS!"

    I was the perfect age for that kind of pseudo-science schmaltz.

    God bless Sid and Marty.

  3. I hate to admit it, but I don't get the Sleestaks in the library joke. The guy's cell phone rings, and there is a buzzing sound. ?

  4. Sssshhhhhhh! said the librarian way back when.


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