Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ocean Liners in the Sky

Amazing Stories, June 1930

Science Wonder Stories, July 1929

Wonder Stories, December 1935

Captain carrot and the Final Ark #3, February 2008
Amazing Stories, December 1926

 Ad for Disney Cruise Lines. In San Diego, 94E and Federal, 10-8-10.

My homage to the classic "floating ship" pulp covers, November 2007

You can read about the 1935 pulp story and the famous Frank R. Paul cover of Dream's End (and even read the entire story) via this archived Lady, That's My Skull link.


  1. Would the Space Battleship Yomato fit in there? Didn't they launch it into space with a couple of nukes or something?

  2. Your homage to the classic floating ship pulp cover is priceless.

    So, how much? I must have it.

  3. Snag it off flickr.

    Also, anyone else notice the new Zoo Crew had a flying ocean liner on the cover?

  4. "Would the Space Battleship Yomato fit in there? "

    No, because that ship was modified to BE a spaceship and not a ship that was made to fly by external powers.


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