Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Who says female comic book characters are not empowered?

In this one-page Canteen Kate strip, Kate defends the military base where she is assigned from invading North Korean soldiers and she does it armed only with a club!

Just kidding. Actually, our girl Kate wields a rolling pin as her weapon of choice and enters the fray while wearing shorts and an unbuttoned man's shirt to defeat the enemy with sexy cuteness!
At least she engaged the enemy on her own! That must count for something. Perhaps Kate was honored with a new kitchen mop for her bravery.

From Anchors Andrews #1 (January 1953). Art contributed by the famous Matt (It Rhymes With Lust) Baker.


  1. Well when our brave soldiers call an ambush on three guys waving a white flag, somebody's gotta save the day I guess... ^_^;;;

  2. Waitaminnit- are they trying to say that the Cincinnati Reds are dirty godless communists?

    Why, that's OUTRAGEOUS!

    On behalf of the Reds organization, I demand to go back 54 years in time and get a retraction!

  3. Oh, Canteen Kate and stop your fussing and fighting.

    You're making the soldiers feel inadequate again!

  4. I want it on record that *I* ne'er said that wimmin-comic folken are helpless.

    Besides, ne'er underestimate the power o' the pin in the hands of one pissed off lady!!


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