Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Giant Golem vs. Giant Nazi Robot Dinosaur!

The Boy King was an exile from the Nazi-threatened land of Swisslakia who came to America to gather support and aid America in the fight against Hitler. Boy King fought spies and saboteurs that threatened America's security, using his wits, royal fortune and a skyscraper-sized Golem that only he could command. Strangely, the Boy King and American officials never considered using the Golem to step on and squish all the Nazis. Hitler and his cronies were not so innocent though and considered the Golem a potent obstacle in their goal of conquering the world. In order to defeat the Boy King and his statue the German High Command orders the construction of a similarly-sized weapon that would attack and defeat the Boy King before moving on to crush all American resistance. What they came up with was the obvious response: a Giant Nazi Dinosaur Robot.

In the Golden Age there was a whole lot of pulse-pounding content jam-packed in about 30 pages of art and story. In those days, decompression meant that was what the artist did in a bar after a long day of trying to get paid by a cheap publisher. There is plenty of non-stop action in this story. In Clue Comics #4 and #5, the heroic Boy King defends American shores from a giant robot, battles his arch-nemesis (a Nazi officer with extending prosthetics for hands who comes off kind of like one of the Robonic Stooges) not once but several times, fights an octopus, meets a cute girl and there is even a slow-moving death trap thrown in for good measure!

Clue Comics - The Giant vs Nazi Robot Dinosaur

Jump into the fray by clicking the picture above.

Be prepared to freak out.


  1. I am surprised that the giant Nazi dinosaur is wearing his arm band on his leg. He is out of uniform!

  2. Note that this story has a giant-reptile-vs.-giant-automaton battle long before Godzilla was even a glint in his daddy's eye.

  3. i like that the dinosaur has to wear a nazi insignia somewhere on his body, just to make sure it's clear this ain't just no regular dinosaur, no no: this here's a nazi dinosaur. and, really, when one gets right down to it, what could be worse than that?

  4. How pathetic that my life is so governed by semiotics that I find it impossible to ignore the political and geographical inappropriateness of having the German Nazi dinosaur entering from the left of the panel. Truly, there is a silver bullet out there with my name on it.

  5. The Boy King was an exile from the Nazi-threatened land of Swisslakia who came to America to gather support and aid America in the fight ...


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