Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Land of the Lost news: Preview picture of movie Sleestaks?

Commenter Elu-Lux directed me to a preview picture of Sleestaks from the upcoming Land of the Lost movie that is currently in production. If the image is accurate the Sleestaks look a bit more fierce and scary (given the better budget) but I don't understand the scene. If it is just a promo picture then fine, but if the image represents a scene in the movie I'm worried. The Sleestak Army looks as if if they were slumbering in alcoves in the cliff wall (the Rock people did something similar in an old Flash Gordon serial) and are waking up and attacking because someone trespassed in their hive or something.

That's kind of worrisome to me because again, it seems as if a plot of a science fiction movie is all about the protagonists causing a problem and then being forced to clean up their own mess and then being declared heroes (See: Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Hulk, etc. etc). I have a feeling that in the film the Sleestaks will be a cautionary legend among the denizens of the LotL until zany dad Marshall wakes them up, causing many wacky chase scenes and Jerry Lewis-like mugging for the lens.

I'll wait and see until I know more about the film but my extrapolations from what I have heard do not make me enthused about the project. I have already mentioned my misgivings and expectations due to who was cast as the lead actor.

Well, if nothing else I will be able to get cool movie tie-in toys!

Which is what the producers are counting on, darn it.


  1. Good to see I am not the only one blogging on this today.

  2. I sympathize with ya. I think that Mike Myers is going to be cast as Jonah Hex.

  3. Note the giant Sleestak statue in the background. ( ! )

  4. Ye Mighty Sleestak God appears to have had his horn circumcised. Is that a sign of aristocratic decorum or mere vandalism?

  5. RE: "Slumbering in alcoves in the cliff wall".

    Not only did the Rock people do that in Flash Gordon, but the original Sleetak did that in the 70's show.

    So yeah, since it's from the original, I'd have to say that it's a safe bet that's what's happening here.


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