Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tiger-Bustin' Heroes

Cowboy Sahib!

Mickey Mouse!

John Carroll!

Andy Panda!

Tiger Girl!

Malikar and Vekyra astride the Golden Tiger!


  1. Reminds me of those old ads for Esso gas - "put a tiger in your tank!"

  2. cowboy sahib is way too far back on his tiger. he's over the stomach instead of the muscular chest, and far enough back that the tiger could rear around and maul him. he wants to be over the shoulders, controlling the movement with his knees.

  3. "Shoot low, boys. They're riding Shetland tigers"

  4. oddly, in Egypt in the 3rd and 4th AD, there were stories of christian coptic monks living in the desert with lion as a pet!
    and in the buddhism as well, but I can't remember exactly, amonk riding a tiger too.


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