Saturday, January 16, 2010

Take it home, Glen

As expected, I lost several subscribers in the hours after I posted my little opinion of Pat Robertson and his twisted, sick, hate-filled, bigoted and insane Cult of Suffering yesterday. I have no real idea who routinely drops in or when they stop doing so beyond the limited amount of tracking I do for the site, but I usually lose a number of the registered 'Followers' whenever I stray too far from the subject of comic books.



  1. hey.
    basically i would say your always right to stick by your principles and you indeed always should (as long as they arent insane!) so yeah thats all i wanted to say really.

    i've been reading your blog for some time, sometimes regularly, sometimes not for months-due to the general inconsistencies of life.
    i will continue to read, thats it, take it easy.


  2. Thanks.

    I'd like to mention that yes, I try to stick by my principles, but I'm not arrogant enough to think they are always 100% correct. I examine them regularly.

  3. Pat Robertson is to Christianity, what Osama Bin Laden is to Islam.

  4. Most Christians are as appalled as non-Christians by what Pat said. The pity is his charitable organization IS doing good by helping ship food & medicine to Haiti, but his remarks just muck things up.

    If this was the first time he ever said anything like this he could be forgiven; his facts are not necessarily wrong, but he sure picked the wrong time/place/way to express them.

    However, this is just the latest in a long series of similarly tactless (at best) brainless (more likely) apparently bigoted (tho I'd like to hope not) utterances from him.

    Here's my take, from a Christian POV, on what he said:

  5. ...and now Satan chimes in:

  6. I came for the comics, but stayed for the rest. It's your blog, say what you want! If no one points out the monsters in our society

    (Oh, and thanks for introducing me to that Glen Campbell album.)

  7. Ya know, I read blogs for various reasons and I don't agree with everything everyone said (heck, I can't!)

    I don't agree with a lot of friends about stuff, but we're still friends.

    Say what ya want. I'll still read ya. (Unless, of course, you keep saying that Jonah Hex is a stupid book and that my blog is a stupid blog)

  8. Well, you just gained a follower.


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