Friday, January 15, 2010

When The Magic Goes Away

In the race to say something stupid about the disaster in Haiti it is Pat Robertson who is once again the clear winner, taking the gold medal. Almost as bad as Pat is his cohort in crime, that woman who sits on the couch next to him on the telecasts and who nods in sage acknowledgment to every insane and ridiculous statement this guy spews. I know it is her job, if not her actual calling, to play hostess but there should be a limit to what a person can stand.

I really can not think of any situation that is made better by adding in religion. It does nothing but allow self-limiting behavior that crushes human potential and deflects responsibility for both the good or ill that people do.

I'd like to think that organized religion is in it's death-throes and that all the attention and exposure is the reflexive actions of a twitching corpse before it finally dies. That is likely hopeful thinking on my part. What I hope is the last gasp of an irrelevant dying giant is probably been going on in some form for thousands of years, much the same as the Woo-Woos seeing signs of the Apocalypse occurring at any moment.

It would be so great though if Pat and the entire disgusting Cult of Suffering he is a part of was rendered irrelevant. Maybe another couple of decades will see some progress. I'd like to think my grandchild will live in a world where superstition is relegated to the fantasy of e-books and the cinema and not serve as an actual human impetus.

Think of how great the world would be if religion was looked back on as being as equally real as the cartoon adventures of Scooby-Doo.

NSFIQ Video (Not Safe For IQ)

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  1. The ancient Roman empire died out via a very long, slow whimper (some historians say 476 AD is when it officially ended for good). A lot of people seem to think it went out with some soft of bang (probably watched too much Ben-Hur), but it didn't. By the the time the last Roman Emperor left the throne, most of Europe had forgotten the empire even existed. Most large "organizations" tend to die out the same way.

  2. You can look forward to religion dying out in the decades following the moment science discovers an afterlife and proposes explanations for misery that are both intellectually AND emotionally satisfying. Until then, the law of supply and demand will keep preachers in business.


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