Friday, July 30, 2010

And the room exploded with applause

"...And herewith introduce to this body for consideration to render into law Bill H5150, in which any person found to be using homeopathic remedies will be considered a danger to themselves and others and be remanded for psychiatric counseling and physical health maintenance by an accredited medical practitioner until such time as they are no longer deemed a threat to their own person, or in the case of communicable illness or mental impairment of judgment or behavior, to the public."
Not real but I can dream. Of course, if anything as awesome as dropping the hammer on the billions of dollars a year fake medicine industry ever really occurred Faux News would start shrieking that the Obama administration was trying to outlaw the drinking of water.


  1. Just when I finally agreed with you politically about one thing, you had to throw in the gratuitous and childish "Faux News". Sigh. A liberal can't even be right politely.

    Seriously, anything "homeopathic", "holistic",or using the words "toxin", "rainforest", "ancient" or "herbal" should immediately land the fraudster in jail.

  2. Liberal? If I'm going to take a label I prefer 'Reality Based". And yes, it is faux news. Besides, by tweaking the name it gives them less search results.


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