Friday, July 09, 2010

We're gonna show them who's on top!

Tagging a toilet plunger with your 'gang' graffiti? I mean, what turf is being claimed here?

That's just nasty.


  1. Hi, I couldn't find an email address so I'm using this, hope you don't mind:-
    I was going through an issue of Young Romance #202 (by DC Comics, Dec 1974), and came across a detail that captured my attention. In the bottom left corner of the first frame on page 77, there's a newspaper sticking out of a garbage pile, and the headline reads "Lindsay Say Yes". It seems too obvious to just 'be' there, so I was wondering: is it a reference (political, romantic or otherwise) to something? Could there be a real life story behind it?

    I'm sorry, but I'm just really curious.

  2. It might be. Creators are known for slipping in easter eggs. Terry Austin was notorious for it. I'd have to look up that issue for context. Something similar happened once in Legion of Super-Heroes. One character had a jacket on that read "I said I was sorry'. Always wondered if there was something going on with that.

  3. I guess that tells you just how low down the totem pole that gang is.


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