Monday, October 11, 2010

Mysta of the Moon - Chapter 8

Planet Comics #42 from May 1946 depicts Mysta of the Moon in a not so favorable light. It appears that Mysta is making tough choices and at this point is the de facto ruler of humankind. The machines that humanity used were not so much destroyed when Mars, the God of War attacked, but the knowledge required to use and maintain them was lost and only Mysta has the smarts required to keep humanity from entering another stone age.

Mysta, aiding in rebuilding a civilization that was nearly destroyed is ensuring that all the reclaimed knowledge is released to humanity at a pace civilization can safely apply. It may be that her decisions are sometimes not popular as industrial leaders and politicians are probably chomping to exploit regained sciences only to be interfered with by Mysta. After all, you don't let people fiddle with the settings of the Star-Snuffer if they are not fully trained. And you just know that in the future mankind will build a machine to turn off the sun just because they can.

When a scientist with the touch of death refuses to stop meddling in banned science Mysta resorts to some draconian measures and comes off as pretty cold and frightening. The way Mysta parcels out or allows knowledge to be re-discovered or used could mean she is either insane with power, misguidedly believes only she is fit to rule or else is terrified that humanity will destroy themselves and fall into barbarism with out her guidance.

Planet Comics 42 - Mysta (May 1946) 00

Planet Comics 42 - Mysta (May 1946) 01

Planet Comics 42 - Mysta (May 1946) 02

Planet Comics 42 - Mysta (May 1946) 03

Planet Comics 42 - Mysta (May 1946) 04

Planet Comics 42 - Mysta (May 1946) 05

Planet Comics 42 - Mysta (May 1946) 06

Planet Comics 42 - Mysta (May 1946) 07

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