Monday, October 18, 2010

Mysta of the Moon - Chapter 9

Planet Comics #43 (July 1946) has Mysta of the Moon still acting in her role as protector/comptroller departing this time by not fighting a mad scientist tinkering in forbidden science but a terrorist space pirate with access to dangerous technology. The space thug Rolkor is threatening commerce between the planets by demanding protection fees for safe passage of space ships. If not paid the criminal destroys the ships with a disintegrator ray. To make sure everyone knows he is serious Ralkor even fires upon a space ship transporting orphans to space school and killing all the children.

While those about her are losing their heads Mysta calmly and even coolly keeps hers by coming to the aid of the helpless Star Patrol and a beleaguered industrialist. Mysta is determined to take Rolkor out of action. Perhaps not because Rolkor is a criminal and is killing people (his organization appears to be well established) but because he is in control of devices that could upset the status quo. Guns and lasers are probably fine to use in the pirate trade, but disintegrator rays that can cut open ships at interplanetary distances is something Mysta is not going to allow. The Science Council makes no appearance in this story.

The images of Mysta and her robot fighting the local fauna of 'Jupiter' could fill a paragraph or two in The Seduction of the Innocent. The fortunate result of the battle with the worm being the destruction of Rolkor (or at least his fortress) almost as an after-thought.

Planet Comics 43 - Mysta (July 1946) 00

Planet Comics 43 - Mysta (July 1946) 01

Planet Comics 43 - Mysta (July 1946) 02

Planet Comics 43 - Mysta (July 1946) 03

Planet Comics 43 - Mysta (July 1946) 04

Planet Comics 43 - Mysta (July 1946) 05

Planet Comics 43 - Mysta (July 1946) 06

Planet Comics 43 - Mysta (July 1946) 07

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