Sunday, October 31, 2010

True Horror, Part 3

My 1994 Geo Metro just passed 200,000 miles. It is now officially a zombie-car. If it dies anytime in the next 6 months I am hosed. Without transportation three people will lose their jobs and one of those three will also have to drop out of college.

How's that for scary?


  1. Huminah huminah....fingers crossed!

  2. I had a GEO Metro back in law school, may have been a '94 come to think of it. Survived a flood where I was literally floating down the street, all four tires off the ground. Engine seized up, cracked the block. After being stranded on the Loop in downtown Houston at 10PM, I got towed to the dealership with about 15 miles left on the warranty. FTW!


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