Saturday, November 19, 2011

More like FUNGLASSES, am I right?

In what will surely be a boon to fashion houses and the international economy, Saudi women with attractive or tempting eyes may soon be forced to wear concealing sunglasses. I have no doubt that right this moment there are executives from eye wear manufacturing companies everywhere dancing on their chairs, high fiving each other and scrambling to get prototypes approved for export.

If the resolution passes and concealing eye wear is a mandatory attire for Islamic women how long until some wingnut pundit declares that wearing sunglasses is un-American?

Well, at least if America sells spectacles to the middle east the most we have to worry about is getting re-gifted a scratched pair of Oakleys. That's an improvement over the the guns and bombs we export that later get used against us.


  1. Some very conservative ladies in Saudi Arabia are already wearing an additional layer of black gauze that covers their eyes - on top of the hijab and face veil. I think the matawahs will be pushing that as a solution rather than elegant sunglasses that might provide their own level of mystery and temptation.

  2. Sure but like many things (even what I observe now) the more influence and money you have the more the rules can be bent. I think that for some there will be a little cache involved for high fashion

  3. They'd be better off just going out and killing the religion police!


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