Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I have found an outlet for my rage

But since I refuse to give my money to these people I need someone to buy it for me.

This is a perfect example of American crassness and tackiness and I want one so I can scream at it and fill it with my ire and make it my Apothecary of Hate™.

Someday I will then pass it on to some unsuspecting fool, who will then undoubtedly suffer many misfortunes by being the possesor of the curse-laden coin.

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  1. Thank your lucky stars it didn't come with two little detachable metal airplanes.

  2. I saw a commercial for these things the other day and I was speechless for all of thirty seconds until I realized I should have expected this sort of thing sooner.

    "...recovered from Ground Zero!"

    That has to be the vilest selling point I've ever seen.

  3. And it's a POP-UP coin, too! How very dignified. It's like the very object itself is giving us the finger for having created and/or purchased it.


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