Thursday, August 03, 2006

Things That Filled Me With Rage Today

The ass-clown who parks in my reserved spot all day at the condo and who crumpled and tossed onto the ground the note I left him under his windshield wiper requesting he not use our reserved spaces. I could have called the tow truck instead of leaving a polite message. I will next time, Sport.

DVD's that do not allow you to skip previews and force you to watch 10 minutes of crap before you can get to a menu. Yes, I'm looking at you, Matador. At least Disney, one of the worst violators of this annoying advertising tactic, has wised up and has started adding a Fast Play option to their DVD's.

Disney adding a Fast Play option to their DVD's supposedly letting a user skip the previews and menu and just start playing the film. It would have been simpler to just allow the owner of the disc to go straight to the main menu without forcing them either way through ad-driven garbage.

Bloggers who post cool panels from comic books but don't say where they are from.

Received in my email today an URGENT SECURITY MESSAGE WARNING from my bank about my checking account. The subject line was as follows: vise, lop. Ut guta. Sad zealot accelerant wad who spat Americana Vjlij. Guess I should click on that right away since it seems ever so important.

The local comic book store that says they will be open all day and is locked up tight long before posted closing time when I get there.

Yellow Elephants.

Limits on my card. It's my money. Why do I need the bank's permission to spend it?

Vince Vaughn's head on a bunch of bananas. It just makes me crazy for some reason.


  1. I hate that goddamn Disney FastPlay! That's almost as evil as firing all the 2-D animators! It's just the opposite of what it says it is, damn their shriveled hearts.

  2. That cool panel you posted today is from Marvel Mystery Comics #10.

    People park in our reserved spot here too, and they leave my polite note crumpled on the ground when they depart, and the next time their car won't be there, 'cause it's getting towed Jerkoffs.


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