Friday, August 18, 2006

In Loo of Content

Via BeaucoupKevin.

I question the actual effective science of facial recognition programs and hope that it isn't seriously used for Homeland Security. Using Kurt Schaffenbeger's radioactive mutant from Modern Mechanix came up with these results.

The unluckiest homeowner in the world looks like Clara Bow, Diana Rigg and Ophelia Winters? Please.

Apparently, large dark spots in the center of the face and blank areas are enough to make a 'match'. Facial recognition is still in it's infancy and is not yet very reliable, but for entertaiment purposes it can be fun. If used in the field as an anti-crime tool I'd hate to think someone gets missed or tagged as a threat due to a false positive because they were wearing sunglasses.

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  1. What's really fun is to upload genuine celebrity photos into that engine and see the results. I put in a picture of Paris Hilton, and found that she got a higher match percentage for Daniela Pestova (74%) than she did for herself (70%)!

  2. Actually, on that third one, the second guy from the left, top row, is a dead ringer.

  3. Who the heck is Top Row, 2nd From Left in the Sleestak collage? That's one unusual face....


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