Monday, August 21, 2006

Think of the children!

Oh, noes!
"Don't forget, 12-year-olds read Bay Weekly."

I can't believe that someone actually wrote that sentence. Note the complainants didn't mention their child, just children in general. You know, as a parent myself I excercised a little thing called Good Parenting, in which I monitor what my kid is exposed to by excercising Good Judgement through judicious use of the television remote control and previewing his entertainment materials.

Somehow I doubt the advertising-driven, give-away periodical Bay Weekly is a child's first choice for reading enjoyment unless they are interested in where the next Republican Pancake Breakfast is scheduled. Then again, this is Maryland, Land of the Sophisticated Redneck, so you never know.

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  1. "Dear concerned reader: We thank you for writing in about your concerns. We agree kids shouldn't read the Bay Weekly. A free copy of All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #1 is on its way to you to provide more appropriate reading material for your unsupervised twelve-year-old. Hope Junior enjoys!"

  2. Embarassing confession: the first time I read that through, I thought it said BOY Weekly. And I thought, "Gee, that's an awkward name for a magazine..."


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