Monday, August 07, 2006


Much to my delight, I found a collected set of the complete Land of the Lost DVD's a few days ago. Less than half price.


Finally, This Island Earth is out on DVD! I made the error of not picking up a copy when it was issued a few years ago and until recently most copies I could find are MST3K'd, over-priced or of poor quality.


Street Trash, the 80's cult film that is just so awesome is also available for a reasonable price. Why is this film so great? This sentence explains all you need to know: Bronson plays 'keep-away'.

My life would be complete if I could find a good copy of Frankenhooker.


  1. Have you heard the song "She's a Sleestak" by Nerf Herder?

  2. I have my very own copy of Street Trash. I won't recommend it to everyone, but personally, every scene with the doorman makes it all worth it.

    And the dude in the toilet. That was pretty good.

  3. mari: No, but I guess I should check it out. There's also a Sleestak band and I see that 'sleestak' is also a skateboarding reference.

    retro: The Doorman guy is hilarious. "Can't you put me in witness protection?" he starred in Frankenhooker and had a bit part in one of the Robocop films.

  4. With the button-activated sound chip on the box!


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