Monday, September 06, 2010

Mysta of the Moon - Chapter 3

At this point the third chapter of the Mysta of the Moon serial from Planet Comics, Mysta has not yet joined the ranks of the secret identity set. Like many of the heroes of the era she remains detached from the rest of humanity choosing to watch over and protect people from afar.

Planet Comics #37 (July 1945) is another one-off entry in deformed villains with a beautiful slave assistant to be vanquished by Mysta. There is not much to differentiate this Mysta tale from any other entry among similar comic books of the era except for the progressive character of Mysta herself.

Like much of her series as a whole this chapter is a good example of early female empowerment in comic books. After Fiction House ceased publication it was rare to see
a woman character being able to fend for themselves successfully. Even the most accomplished popular female character was often defined by the mystery man she appeared with. Rarely did a man show up to save the day in a Mysta tale and if they did they were more often than not following her plan and the male in question was usually in the form of her unnamed, transparent, brainless, nigh-indestructible robot servant.

Planet Comics 37 - Mysta (July 1945) 01

Planet Comics 37 - Mysta (July 1945) 02

Planet Comics 37 - Mysta (July 1945) 03

Planet Comics 37 - Mysta (July 1945) 04

Planet Comics 37 - Mysta (July 1945) 05

Planet Comics 37 - Mysta (July 1945) 07

Planet Comics 37 - Mysta (July 1945) 06

Planet Comics 37 - Mysta (July 1945) 08

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