Monday, September 13, 2010

Mysta of the Moon - Chapter 4

Planet Comics #38 (Sept 1945) still has the character of Mysta being fleshed out and finding a direction. In this tale Mysta intervenes in a hostile takeover of the known planets by evil shape-shifters and the end is expectantly genocidal in nature. Mysta also displays a new power that being the repository of all knowledge has bestowed upon her. It is kind of a "utility-belt" of a trick but most comic book stories fall back on pulling a gadget or new power out of nowhere to further the story and escape a death trap or two.

The cover to this issue is notable because while it features a female in peril she is not being being rescued by a male but rather another female. While Fiction House and Planet Comics was the leader in female protagonists and antagonists they still could not for the most part break away from the "good girl" imagery. Still, baby steps. Unfortunately, that baby still hasn't learned to toddle by 2010 and perhaps never will.

As usual per Flickr making what was once fun a chore for everyone, click the image, go to another site, click around until you can find the section to view all sizes and then click on the bigger size to read the story better. Sigh.

Bonus: DJ Mix Masterbot

Planet Comics 38 - Mysta (Sept 1945) 00

Planet Comics 38 - Mysta (Sept 1945) 01

Planet Comics 38 - Mysta (Sept 1945) 02

Planet Comics 38 - Mysta (Sept 1945) 03

Planet Comics 38 - Mysta (Sept 1945) 04

Planet Comics 38 - Mysta (Sept 1945) 05

Planet Comics 38 - Mysta (Sept 1945) 06

Planet Comics 38 - Mysta (Sept 1945) 07

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