Monday, September 27, 2010

Mysta of the Moon - Chapter 6

Planet Comics #40 (January 1946) features Mysta having her science fortress infiltrated by an evil scientist and his trained ants, which he can shrink or enlarge.

This tale also depicts a bit of continuity with other Planet Comics serials as the "Dis-Factor" is referenced, though it may be accidental and due to the creators not bothering to make up new rules of entire universes along with their plots. With the exception of the Paragon Press stories of the 1980s and some of the Golden Age Star Rangers appearances (again, perhaps Star Rangers in name only) none of the Planet Comics stories overlapped.

This chapter of Mysta is short, coming in at only 5 pages. This is odd considering she is beginning to get some cover mention and is even featured on many exteriors, though there is a great disconnect between the exterior art and the interior stories. This is not unusual as it was the action and space-bikini girls that was being advertised and not the individual tales.

Planet Comics 40 - Mysta (Jan 1946) 00

Planet Comics 40 - Mysta (Jan 1946) 01

Planet Comics 40 - Mysta (Jan 1946) 02

Planet Comics 40 - Mysta (Jan 1946) 03

Planet Comics 40 - Mysta (Jan 1946) 04

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