Monday, September 20, 2010

Mysta of the Moon - Chapter 5

The fifth chapter of Mysta of the Moon is from Planet Comics #39 (November 1945). Once again this is a feature with a one-off villain. While the art is more finely detailed it is conversely a bit more stiff. There is also much more in the way of "good girl art" evident is this installment. Like many of the early serials it took a little while to find a style that seemed to fit the character.

The villain is suitably horrific as befits the mad scientist with access to high technology and Mysta deals with him in typical fashion for a Planet Comics heroine. That is, he doesn't exactly expire in a trap of his own devising. A Planet Comics heroine doesn't usually give the villain a chance to surrender only to have him fall into his own death trap. Often, they outright terminate the villain because the universe would be better with them missing from it.

This chapter is also a page or two shorter than the previous tales and it shows in the story telling. This installment of Mysta seems a bit rushed.

Planet Comics 39 - Mysta (Nov 1945) 01

Planet Comics 39 - Mysta (Nov 1945) 02

Planet Comics 39 - Mysta (Nov 1945) 03

Planet Comics 39 - Mysta (Nov 1945) 04

Planet Comics 39 - Mysta (Nov 1945) 05

Planet Comics 39 - Mysta (Nov 1945) 06

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